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Gabriela Albergaria (Portugal)


“For a long period this art had been misinterpreted. They said: “It was faked because there was no money to use noble materials (like stone or wood)”; forgetting that Greeks faked marble to cover the real marble in many of their temples (…) Why? Certainly not out of foolishness or ignorance, but for this way they could protect the monuments, covering them up with a double-function layer: an aesthetical and a “sacrificial” one, that suffered all the main atmospherical shock, being then recovered or renewed in cycles, assuring the future of the building”

(Excerpt from Fingidos de madeira e de pedra. Breve historial, técnicas de execução, de restauro e de execução. José Aguiar, Martha Tavares and Isabel Mendonça).


This project comprises two drawings that deconstruct an old recipe of how to fake pine wood in a technique related to decor. One of the drawings is composed of a text taken from that same recipe, drawn into simulating the pine wood own color. The other drawing represents the shape of a pine wood blade, green colored pencil on paper, put in a common interior door.

The execution of the drawings is close to the execution rules in the recipe, yet it manages to modify some details to give a different appearance to the final result.


Gabriela Albergaria (1965, Portugal) lives and works in New York, USA. She graduated in Painting from the Fine Arts University of Oporto in 1985. She has exhibited her work on a regular basis since 1999.

Albergaria took part in several artistic residencies, among them: The University of Oxford Botanic Garden in collaboration with The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford, UK (2009/2010), Modern Art Museum of Bahía, Brasil (2008), and also in Paris, Nice and Berlin. She has been nominated for the award Ars Viva – Landschaft, Germany, in 2002/2003 and Prix Pictet 2008 - The World's Premier Photographic Award in Sustainability.

Her work is part of several private and public collections. Albergaria is represented by Vera Cortês Art Agency (in Lisbon) and Vermelho Gallery in Brasil.


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Vera Cortês - Agência de Arte Contemporânea 

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