Rodrigo Oliveira

Rodrigo Oliveira (Portugal)

In his intervention at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, entitled Gato, artist Rodrigo Oliveira has created an installation that consists of a series of intertwined light extensions following the technique of macramé - an ancient technique that comes from the Arabs and later adopted by sailors to make ropes for boats. The macramé, which is also used for hanging potted plants on balconies and roofs of marquees, inspired the artist who appropriated and tamed this technique in order to hang dozens of lights to illuminate the palace. They are lights in the form of portable lamps, the most basic source of illumination of an area and have an improvised style for a specific function. Gato emerges here as an electricity pole that pulls an electric current through an illegal action. The work takes us back to a city within a city that grows in a vernacular and parasitic way. In the chapel space, the artist presents the work Monumento a Tatlin (numa cozinha palaciana) from the series Utopia na casa de cada um, a concept that he has been developing for some time about the relationship between history and economics of industrial materials. Evoking Dan Flavin in a banal domestic situation, the artist incorporates the importance of manpower (human intelligence) in the capitalist system by exactly appropriating the trademark of these two icons from the twentieth century.

co-production: Galeria Filomena Soares 



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