Isaque Pinheiro

No caminho da arte preconceitual

Rubbish are decontextualized things. But a representation of a banana peel thrown to the ground may at some point be garbage? Questions thrown by Isaque Pinheiro to present his interventions with elements of wood and marble, at several spaces from Carpe Diem Art and Research, entitled No caminho da arte preconceitual.


Isaque Pinheiro (1972). He lives and works in Oporto, Portugal. In addition to solo exhibitions in galleries with wich he usually works, like Gallery Presença in Oporto, Gallery Caroline Pagès in Lisbon, Gallery Mário Sequeira in Braga, Esther Montoriol in Barcelona, Laura Marsiaj in Rio de Janeiro, or Gallery Ybakatu in Curitiba, among others, he also participated in group exhibitions at the Stenersen Museum in Oslo, Galician Centre for Contemporary Art in Compostela or the Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro.

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