Helena Martins Costa

Helena Martins Costa (Brasil)


In general, the artist’s work deals with albums of portraits. They are items that highlight some point in history and the domestic space of the family, which represent a set of values and standards, and form a specific image that is socially displayed. Sometimes you can see an ethos of class, a kind of summary of values that reflects an entire popular visual imagery arising from its logic of representation.This kind of album tends to be valued not so much by its immediate content - namely, the aesthetic qualities of composition or degree of similarity or realism of the portrayed - as for its ability to confer the status of an index or reference of an epoch and individuals. It is this space that fits the interests of Helen Martins- Costa when she appropriates the old portraits, usually collected from estates of friends or flea markets. It is as if the calling for permanence in the image-portrait were compromised immediately, leaving only the photograph to assume this insufficiency and bet on the uncertain appeal of the evocative nostalgia that it is charged. For the exhibition at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Helen Martins-Costa brings the series entitled Estatuária, composed of ten unpublished works, where the artist deals with the issues around the pose by uniting photography and sculpture. The artist displays pictures of sculptures in public places, street performers (living statues) and old studio photographs where people posed as historical figures.

Support: Ministério da Cultura do Brasil (MINC-BR) 

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