Alejandro Somaschini

Arquivo Carpe Diem
Alejandro Somaschini (Argentina)  

The experiences of the artist approach the experiences of a scientist because his interest is to investigate fields as diverse as writing, botany, taxidermy, paleontology, astrology, astrophysics, ethnography and, ultimately, museology. Or, to be precise, the fetish character that cultural apparatuses have in our society. Hence the need to process the technical cognitive sciences to give back to the viewer in the form of art. In Arquivo Carpe Diem, Somaschini presents a false laboratory where the viewer is exposed to different historical systems of food preservation. Using materials such as salt, honey, beeswax and fire on surfaces like paper, leather and ceramics, the artist creates a conservation chamber, but also an archive of images, objects and textures that reflect the historical space in which it is situated - the Palácio Pombal. In using this classification system of an emporium - a locale of conservation and commercial trade - Alejandro Somaschini evokes the Portugal’s historical role, especially Lisbon’s port area from antiquity to the colonization process of the XV-XX centuries. Arquivo Carpe Diem is a capsule that, according to the artist, «could help the people of the future or another planet to know our world after the imminent catastrophe which mankind will live.»
co-production: Galeria Progetti Rio 

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