Adrian Paci

Electric Blue

Adrian Paci (Albânia)

Electric Blue
is the work presented by Adrian Paci at Carpe Diem Art and Research. With a title taken from an erotic television series that runs on a Yugoslavian channel, one of the few forms of entertainment available during the communist years, the video tells the story of a man who tries to guarantee the economic survival of his family throughout the chaotic state of collapse that Albania plunged into during the 90’s. This work goes far beyond being merely a historical document. Adrian Paci discusses the fundamental questions of humanity, of flaws; of the impact of war and social ruptures on humans; of the desire to escape poverty; with love, sex and passion. In Electric Blue, the artist creates striking and impressive images of the human condition, which remain imprinted on the mind.

This video contains explicit sexual scenes. It is unsuitable for children under the age of 16.

Support: Instituto Italiano di Cultura, Graça Brandão Gallery, Kaufmann Repetto Galery. 


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