Álvaro Negro

Abro a janela e respiro o ar fresco do fim do mundo
Álvaro Negro (Espanha)


I open the window and breath the fresh air at the end of the world is the title of Álvaro Negro's exhibition featured in the palace's cellar. In this new Project, which begun in Berlin in 2007, the artist reflects on concepts that intertwine the idea of travel, location and dislocation, the historical and biographical, the contemplative and temporal, the beautiful and sublime. All these intersections unfold through images of the act of seeing (in a perpetual state of transition) in search of the micro-event. As Gilles Deleuze said, "The splendor of the event is the meaning. The event is not what comes next (an accident)...it is what must be understood, what should be wanted and what should be represented that happens."