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Videobrasil Coleção de Autores


One of the most important South-African creators of the post-apartheid period, William Kentridge moves with the same ease between video, film, drawing, sculpture, installation, theatre and opera doing a unique combination of references and techniques.
His work achieved recognition in the late 90’s and arrived at Brazil in the Show of Contemporary African Art, directed by Videobrasil in 2000. Certas Dúvidas de William Kentridge, the documentary that inaugurated the series Videobrasil Coleção de Autores (Videobrasil Authors Collection) follows the artist through Joannesburg and Brazil, taking note of his thinking and his work process. Kentridge talks about the impact of social contradictions on his work and about the characters that appear in the animations done from the charcoal drawings, in a particular process that consists in erasing and redoing the black and white lines. Directed in digital video and highly grainy super-8, in a reference to the mentioned process, Certas Dúvidas de William Kentridge is the portrait of a contemporary artist whose work has a strong emotional and political charge – without being panfletary or hermetic.

About the Director

Born in 1967 in São Paulo, Alex Gabassi is director of documentaries, and has worked with this format in programs such as Red Hot + Rio, for the Red Hot Organization of New York, and the series MTV na Estrada, for MTV Brasil. In order to direct Certas Dúvidas de William Kentridge, Gabassi spent ten days with the artist in his house in Joannesburg.

During that time, he has been with the artist in his studio, visited the landscapes portrayed by Kentridge in his works, interviewed collaborators, visited the artist studio and followed him to Grahamstown for a lecture about the painter Tiepolo given by Kentridge. In São Paulo, he followed the artist during all the process of setting up of his works in the exhibition space and explored the differences and similarities between São Paulo and Kentridge’s hometown, Joannesburg.

About Videobrasil Coleção de Autores

The thought and work process of renowned contemporary artists are at the center of the documentaries of the series Videobrasil Coleção de Autores, created in 2000. In every edition, a new director is invited to reflect, in an authorial approach, about the artist or collective. These are works that analyze and comment on the production of fundamental Brazilian and international contemporary artists – besides William Kentridge, the series already focused the Lebanese Akram Zaatari, the Cuban Coco Fusco and the Brazilians Rafael França, Chelpa Ferro e Mau Wal (Maurício Dias and Walter Riedweg). The Danish artist Olafur Eliasson will be the artist of the next edition, directed by the filmmaker Karim Ainouz, expected to be released in 2013.

Organized in partnership with Associação Cultural Videobrasil.





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