Tito Mouraz (2014)


Tito Mouraz, resident artist and winner of the 2nd edition of the Portfolios Reading , will present an unprecedented photographic series that explores a territory that is familiar to him, referring not only to the spaces transformation, but also to an entire emotional relationship that the artist have with his place . 



Tito Mouraz 1977, Portugal.
He completed the Visual Arts and Photography course at the Porto Superior Art School in 2010 and in this city he currently lives and works. His works have been shown since 2009 in Portugal and abroad, emphasizing individual exhibitions in " Econtros da Imagem de Braga (2010 and 2013), Module - Diffuser Art Center (2011 and 2013) and the Image Museum, Braga (2013). He wins the International Emergent Photography Prize DST 2013. He is represented by the Module - Centro Difusor de Arte, Lisboa. His works are part of some particular collections and of the BES Art collection.