Cabelo (Brasil)

The artist joins performance and action with music, and literature with images of street culture. Combining drawing with video and performance with graffiti art, his work is full of fantastic and evasive fictions that are both poetic and political references. Using the Nietzschean concept of the Apollonian-Dionysian duality, his work appeals to beauty through the grotesque, scatological, the revelatory dithyramb and even shamanism. His works are labyrinths, homes, cocoons, and spaces made with organic fluids and drawings that fill the eyes with the lightness that seem to belong to the world of magical spaces made of animals, aphoristic mythological beings and political slogans. In the spaces created by Cabelo, the boundaries between the Dionysian and Apollonian are abolished in the name of a cannibalistic and visceral art. Apart from his production in the visual arts, Cabelo is also a poet, singer and songwriter. co-production: Galeria Marília Razuk