Santiago Sierra


Santiago Sierra (Espanha)

Santiago Sierra (Spain) presents a special version of his NO, Global Tour, a political artistic project that has been exhibited in several continents since its start in 2009.The project consists of a lorry transporting a monumental sculpture in the form of the word NO, as a declaration by the artist to the world. For its presentation in Lisbon, instead of the imposing and silent black sculpture, the NO is transformed into huge graffiti to occupy the White room in the Pombal Palace, a former chamber where in the past many political decisions were made. To execute this work Santiago Sierra contracted a local graffiti artist, José Fictício, who was paid for his working hours, as all workers who have participated in Sierra’s projects. To describe the project, Santiago Sierra asserts that “NO expresses a response to the universally recognizable imposition. NO is the clearest exercise of the right to dissent before reality as a whole and before the future which our contemporary state has conveyed to us”.

The international journey of the
NO, Global Tour is to be filmed as if it were a rock tour documentary. Support: Galeria Helga de Alvea