Onframe at Carpe Diem


Onframe at Carpe Diem
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Opened on the 1st of November at 5pm, Onframe / Carpe Diem Art and Research partnership will occupy the Green Room until the end of the 18th Exhibition Program, on December 20. For its first photography exhibition, Onframe challenged a group of Instagramers to create a set of 9 photographies that contrast or live in harmony with the colour of its own support, transporting the pictures and the Onframe to another dimension. The pieces will be available to purchase at their usual value, but here the shipping costs are offered.

EM-QUADRADO // November 22 and 29 at 3pm
In a partnership with Photodroid Sessions, a 2 different parts workshop is being prepared at Pombal Palace, for 2 consecutive saturdays: November 22 and 29. On the first day mobile photography and its impact on the practice of photography and in the society in general will be discussed. The participants will be invited to accept a photographic challenge taking place at the palace. On the second day the challege results will be presented and the images created will be discussed and criticized. The top 3 will receive an Onframe offert. The workshop is free and it has a 3 hour duration with a break every saturday.


CHALLENGE // Within Onframe photography exhibition, we invite everyone to photograph at Carpe Diem Art and Research, sharing your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #carpe18 and identifying @onframe_moments and @carpe_pt, until December 15. The most voted photography will win one Onframe of your choice and an invitation for our last Drink & Draw of this year!