Giovanni de Lazzari

Giovanni de Lazzari (Itália)

In the triptych drawing, Untitled, which Gionanni Lazzari presents in Carpe Diem Art and Research, the artist draws attention to the details of the subtle line that tries to enter the area of white territory, without light, without shadow and without volume, as the fundamental and perfect egg shape. This shape on being destroyed will lead to the creation of something new, which in the works of Giovanni is manifested allusively and is not declared out rightly, in a silence of tense quietness. The other work presented by Giovanni de Lazzari is a head in small format, separated from a hypothetical body, upheld by a small piece of transparent glass. This work abandons the customary sculptural pose to draw our gaze to an intimate dialogue with the work which, with its size and white color, initially passes unnoticed to then create a more personal and introspective association.

Support: Instituto Italiano di Cultura