Dialogue Session with Alexandra Lisboa

The light sculptures by Edgar Pires will be the starting point for an interpretative dialogue that will make us think through its phenomenological experience. The Light that shapes or the Light that models? In both cases the light becomes the source for creation of moving images, composed and torn by both the material that intercepts it and the observer that invades it.

Previously arranged activity | Free
Target audience: High School/Organized youth groups
May - July | Fridays | 1 hour duration
(the arrangement is subject to CDAP's opening hours and vacancy limit)

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Upon previous choice of a piece from the current exhibition, the proposal is the experience of the Work of Art in dialogue: through an approximation and observation methodology, the group will develop an interpretative dialogue between themselves and the Work of Art. The intention is the creation of a favourable relation between the piece, the individual and the group in order to develop the critical sense to instigate an active and proactive human being.

The Work of Art is a place of (re)cognition of the world, that operates either in the artist when it creates, either in the spectator when it contemplates. The Work of Art closes so many extensive themes that, for so many times, it makes us look the other way. The confrontation is not always love at first sight. But for being it, or not, it attracts and, when it does, communicates.

Alexandra Lisboa
Works in contemporary jewellery since 1993. In 1984 she got graduated at Ar.co and, since then, she presented several workshops and gave lessons in various schools. Nowadays she teaches Performance Plastic Realization and Goldsmithery at António Arroio Art School. Currently attending the Art History degree at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences.

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