Cristina Ataíde



Cristina Ataíde (Portugal) 

with the collaboration of Fernando Velázquez (sound) and Bárbara Assis Pacheco (drawing)

In Carpe Diem Art and Research the artist presents a 30 meter drawing inspired by Lisbon’s current skyline, in which are evidenced works by Marquês de Pombal. Ataíde works directly on a list of names of people who had some kind of relationship with the Marquês by family or political ties, by expulsion or extermination and ended up connect- ed with Portugal’s history and those controversial and criative times which changed the country and Lisbon. Departing from its usual place – the wall – the drawing covers the stairs of the Palace, hiding the original drawing of the baroque ceiling.

Cristina Ataíde was born in 1951, in Viseu. Graduated in Sculpture in ESBAL, lives and works in Lisbon.