Workshop Suicídio

Oriented by Daniel Martins in collaboration with Tânia Maria, João Louro e Lynx Tugur
Based on Werther Effect, by João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira
12th and 13th of April | 1.20 pm to 6.40 pm 
Individual sessions (2 people max.) of 20 minutes, approximately.
Price: 5 €
Suicide is a natural death! In its form of liberation suicide distinguishes us from the rest of the animals. Tolerable, reprehensible and even criminal, dignified or undignified, it is always cause and consequence of the humanization process. This workshop in the format of a therapy helps the participant taking care of himself.
Pre-registration is required and can be made here: INSCRIPTION
Payment is made on the day of the workshop.

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