Tim Etchells, Lisbon’s Artist of the City

A video profiling the work of Tim Etchells, the 2014 Lisbon Artist of the City (Artista na Cidade). 

Every two years the major arts organisations in Lisbon, Portugal, come together to present a year of works by a single important contemporary artist. In 2014, this ‘Artist of the City’ was the British artist, writer and theatre-maker Tim Etchells.
Tim is perhaps best known as Artistic Director of Forced Entertainment, the iconic Sheffield-based performance company now celebrating its thirtieth year. 

The year-long programme involved many of Lisbon’s leading arts organisations: Alkantara Festival, British Council, Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, CCB, Culturgest, EGEAC, Teatro Maria Matos, Teatro São Luiz, Temps d’Images, and Galleria de Arte Urbana.  

Explore the British Council’s Artist of the City INBOX (http://inbox.artistanacidade.com/en/) for essays and critical responses to the year by leading artists from Lisbon, and from Tim himself. 

The film was commissioned by the British Council, and created by Canal180.

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