Rosana Ricalde e Felipe Barbosa

Pintura Descolada

Rosana Ricalde e Felipe Barbosa (Brasil)



For their exhibition in Carpe Diem Art and Research, Rosana Ricalde and Felipe Barbosa creat- ed a ‘site specific’ work, based on the strong identity of the Sala Azul (Blue Room) of Pombal Palace. The work alludes to the painting of the wall and its patterns.

Rosana Ricalde was born in Niterói, in Brazil (1971), and lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Felipe Barbosa was born in Rio de Janeiro (1978). He has a master degree in Visual Languages (School of Fine Arts, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), and a bachelor in painting, in the same University.

Sponsorship: Minister of Culture of Brazil (MINC/BR) and Funarte (within the context of the year of Brazil in Portugal)
Support: Cosmocopa Arte Contemporânea