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OPEN DAY | Carpe Diem Art and Research

On April 12th, between 13am and 20pm, Carpe Diem Art and Research had several different activities on going at the Palace, the Garden and the Cafeteria.

15pm-17pm | Atelier with Maria Condado – Imaginary Gardens

From the painting project Cave, thought and created for the Pombal Palace, and having the palace's frescos as a reference, Maria Condado proposed a drawing and painture afternoon around the garden theme. The participants had the oportunity to draw the Palace's garden and to create their own imaginary garden, through pictorial experiments, intervening on the interior of the exhibition space. Target: + 12 years and adults.

16pm-17pm | Public Talk with Alexandra Lisboa based on Paradoxos degenerados: entre acções, pensamento e obras by Albuquerque Mendes

The installation project by Albuquerque Mendes was the motto for the observation and discussion about the thematic inherent to the exhibition - Degenerated Art. Through a graphic regist and dialogue dynamic, between the participants and the work, an attempt to create interpretations was constructed, through questioning ourselves. Target: young adults.

: contribute to the CDAP 5 years book edition, image to image

Along 5 years CDAP welcomed national and foreign artists, promoted a several variety of events and conferences and had a preponderant role in the national contemporary culture. From April 12th to May 10th we had a wall only for you. To mark this journey, it was created a limited edition book (500 copies) that gathers images related to the content produced in this place, wether they are object or thoughts. To make this possible, we decided to challenge the comunity to create a wall at Pombal Palace with works from everyone that want to contribute to this book. The images were sent by mail or delivered in person, made in any kind of support or technique, in an A5 format. By donating the image to CDAP, its sell reverts entirely to the production of this book. These images, unique and unrepeatable, were sold for the symbolic value of 10€ each and were exposed from April 12th to May 10th at Carpe Diem Art and Research.


Art books sale at a reduced cost, postcards with images from the CDAP 5 Years Book and the presentation of Airosa Design's new collection.

Carpe DJ Sessions with The J Wow


Cocktails and snacks. Launch of the Artist Tasting Menu and À Mesa Com Um Artista.