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Edgar Pires (2013/2014)


Edgar Pires is developing a project that evokes the experience stimulated by close observation of everyday life. It is used as a means to understand the world, to demystify it through pre-existing phenomenological events, specifically in the way the light, either natural or artificial, is molded inside the palace.
Choosing the White Room as a place of intervention, the artist wants to make an installation exploring the sunlight as a source for creating images of principle. There will be sets of images / reflections in movement that, over time, break down the structure of his own composition. they are constructed and deconstructed, depending on the movement of the sunlight. 

Beyond the intervention it is intended to realize a publication of the entire process, the result of spontaneous trials before the installation, which wanders between photography and video and meets the narrative of the residence.


Edgar Pires was born in Oeiras in 1982. He graduated in Sculpture at the Faculty of Beauty Arts of Lisbon in 2007. Stand in its path the individual exposures, Colorless, the Stag Room in Lisbon (2013), Light, Space and Action, Baby Room / Space Avenue in Lisbon (2012), (Re) action, the Olive Mill in Oeiras (2009); collective exhibitions, Area / Obstacle, with Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa, COOP Residence in Lisbon (2013), Between Walls - June of the Arts, Obidos (2010) and is a resident artist at Carpe Diem Art and Research (2013/14).