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Sandro Ferreira

Ida e Volta

Having as reference the Colonial War, the last breath of a colonial Portugal, worn and tired, memories are rebuilt, in an attempt to create a new soul and an outside understanding. From those who went defend their country, to the ones who had to run away, there's a taboo memory which reflects a dawn of new meanings the distance allows to touch.

Sandro Ferreira (1975) is the winner of the contest Leitura de Portfolios 2014 by CDAP LabFoto. Graduated in Graphic Arts and works at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. Ended in 2010 the Degree in Fine Arts - Painting and Intermedia at the same institution, where he began to structure the work he ́s developing about the Colonial War and has shown in several group and solo exhibitions. In 2013 Sandro was one of nine artists selected from EDP New Artists Award.

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