Samuel Rama

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Samuel Rama (Portugal)

Site Size proposes two paradoxical view points, but fundamental and reciprocal ones
– the view to the sky and the view to the earth. In the exhibition at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Samuel Rama presents two groups of work that engage drawing, photography and sculpture. The first group, mounted on the wall, consists of photographs that refer to the undifferentiated space of the sky, assuming the rhetoric of painting. The second group is mounted on the floor, on top of a basement of cement: at the very bottom a photograph and on top of it a creep of graphite, shaped in the form of a brain mass, which places the suburb in the visual space of the photography. To Samuel Rama the cerebral mass is merely and only an undifferentiated matter. Therefore, the installation may consist of only three elements or hundreds of them, as many as the space and the decision of the artist tolerate.
Support: Galeria 111, Lisbon 


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