Beatrice Caracciolo

Inspired by art, architecture, literature, history, and nature, Beatrice Caracciolo (Italy, 1955) poetically claims that her work is about “self-astonishment and a gift of the hazard.” She feeds her responses to the awe-inspiring power of the elements and human creation and destruction into expressive, semi-abstract photographic prints, drawings, collages, and mixed-media works on paper, as well as raw, elegant installations and sculptures. Her fascination with the intersection between humanity and nature fuels much of her output. In a multipart series devoted to the four elements, for example, Caracciolo conveys the particular visual and physical qualities of earth, water, air, and fire—and their unique cultural and historical resonances—through a range of mixed-media paintings, drawings, manipulated photographs, and text-based pieces. She has also transformed a staircase into a waterfall through the installation of hundreds of scraps of weathered metal.
Beatrice Caracciolo lives in Paris, France

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